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Spring Cleaning Discount!

All service fees and cleanings are subject to a discount of 10% if booked for a date between now and August 31st.

Service Fees

Service Call Fee $149.95. Technician travel fee to any minor appointment (including but not limited to inspections, estimates, cleanings, caps, etc). A detailed level 2 inspection and PDF report (which will be provided by email and a printed copy left at the home) is included for up to (2) fireplaces at the residence. This report will note all recommendations and provide an estimate for the recommended repairs. Additional fireplaces will be $49.95ea.

40 Foot Ladder Fee $199.95. Three story homes or homes that have inadequate access for a 24-32ft ladder require 2 technicians in order to safely use a 40ft ladder.

Fireplace Cleanings

Wood-Burning Fireplace Cleanings $199.95/ea. Fireplace cleanings include sweeping of ash and small amounts of creosote from the flue. This does not include cleaning of the ash dump, nor vacuuming out copious amounts of ashes from the fireplace.

Gas Insert Cleanings $49.95/ea. Cleaning of the gas and pilot light assembly as needed. A cleaning is only necessary if a white build-up is noticed in either area.

Gas Log Set Cleanings $349.95/ea. Routine servicing of a gas log set within a standard fireplace. This includes new sand and embers, as well as a cleaning.

Common Services

Camera Inspection Add-On $99.95/ea. Create a better understanding of what is going on inside of your chimney by obtaining a video inspection. This add on can be added to any inspection and/or cleaning, and covers a camera inspection of one chimney flue.

Chimney Cap Installation $249.95/ea. Installation of any standard sized chimney cap. (8″x8″, 8″x12″, 9″x13″, 12″x12″, 12″x16, 13″x18″). Other sizes will be at an additional cost.

Top Mounted Damper Installation $649.95/ea. Functions as both a cap and a damper. This solution is best for a standard wood burning fireplace with a nonfunctional damper.

Ash Dump Door Installation $199.95/ea.

Rope Gasket Replacement $199.95/ea.

other services

 Plus more! All other repairs require a service call in order to provide an estimate. We specialize in anything to do with your wood burning fireplace and/or masonry chimney.