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Rie & Gerald’s Story

There is a good chance my house could have burned down had it not been for Next Level Chimneys, let me explain…
We had a different company install a steel liner into our brick chimney/wood-burning stove setup. This company did not connect the steel liner to my stove exhaust, creating a situation where we were building substantial creosote deposits between the steel liner and the brick. We used our wood-burning stove for a year before our yearly safety inspection by Next Level Chimneys, and this problem was diagnosed. As we exclusively burn wood to heat our 2400sqft home, there was already a dangerous level of creosote build-up and a chimney fire was imminent. Thankfully, the folks at Next Level Chimneys took the time to explain the situation and our options. Because of the shoddy steel liner installation and large level of creosote build-up between the steel liner and brick chimney we decided to tear it down and install a new steel exhaust system. Not only did Next Level Chimneys prioritize this installation as we were unable to burn wood in the old setup, but they even credited us the inspection cost towards the new steel exhaust system.
Now that the new system has been installed, our wood-burning stove is much more efficient, heats up faster, looks way better, but above all, is connected properly and safely! So please, make sure to get your chimney inspected regularly and make sure to use a reputable company like Next Level Chimneys!!


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