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 Your chimney is susceptible to one of the biggest threats: rainwater. Water infiltration not only compromises the chimney itself but can also cause significant damage to your home’s structure. If you suspect a chimney leak, don’t delay—schedule an inspection with Next Level Chimneys to stop the leak in its tracks.

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When it comes to leaking chimney repair, Next Level Chimneys is your go-to solution. We specialize in professional chimney repair services, ensuring your chimney remains in optimal working condition. Our chimney professionals are CSIA & NCSG certified, and our services are compliant with the guidelines of both organizations.

Chimney Rebuild

Chimney Rebuild

Chimney Rebuild

Chimney Repair Services 

Every component of your chimney plays a vital role in keeping you safe while venting combustion byproducts. Many of these parts are crucial for preventing water intrusion. If your chimney is experiencing leaks, it’s likely due to issues with one or more of these components.


Chimney Crown / Chase Cover

The concrete chimney crown (for masonry chimneys) or stainless steel chase cover (for prefab chimneys) covers the top of your chimney, acting as a barrier against water intrusion. Properly built crowns and chase covers allow rainwater to flow without pooling and have an overhanging drip edge to prevent rain from penetrating the chimney’s exterior. An improperly installed or deteriorated crown or chase cover can be a cause of chimney leaks. If you notice moisture or efflorescence (a white powdery substance) in your firebox, your crown or chase cover may be the issue.


Faulty flashing is often the culprit behind chimney leaks and is one of the first areas we check. Proper flashing installation involves integrating the bottom layer with the shingles and the top layer with the brickwork. Improper installation, such as grinding out a straight line through the brickwork, can lead to leaks. Additionally, rusted or detached flashing creates a pathway for water entry. If your flashing is faulty, removing and replacing it with properly installed flashing may solve your chimney leak. Staining on the ceiling near your chimney may indicate a flashing issue.

Brick / Block and Mortar

Masonry chimneys are constructed using durable materials like brick or block and mortar. However, they can still be penetrable, especially if cracks or spalling bricks are present. Regular maintenance is essential for spotting and repairing these issues. Applying a water-repellent product can also protect the brickwork.

Chimney Cap / Spark Arrestor

A proper chimney cap serves three important functions: preventing embers from igniting your roof, keeping animals out of your chimney, and diverting rainwater away from your chimney. If your chimney lacks a cap or has an improper one, it may contribute to chimney leaks.


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Next Level Chimneys is a trusted, family-owned chimney business serving the Seattle area. With expertise in fireplace and chimney inspections, sweeping, and repairs, we deliver professional and high-quality service. We stay updated on the latest industry technology and best practices, ensuring optimal results for our customers.

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