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Rain is one of the biggest threats to your chimney. Not only can water compromise the chimney itself, but once it breaks through the barrier of the chimney, rain can also wreak havoc on the structure of your home. If left untreated water infiltration can cause tens of thousands of dollars in necessary repairs. If you suspect that your chimney might be leaking, do not hesitate to schedule an inspection with Next Level Chimneys so we can stop the leak in its tracks.

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If you are in need of leaking chimney repair, look no further. Here at Next Level Chimneys we specialize in professional chimney repair,, helping to keep your chimney in good working condition. Our chimney professionals are CSIA & NCSG certified and our services are compliant with both  CSIA and NCSG guidelines.

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Chimney Rebuild

Chimney Rebuild

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Every part to your chimney serves a purpose in keeping you safe while venting the products of combustion. Many of these parts play a huge role in keeping water from entering not only your home, but your chimney as well. If your chimney is having an issue with leaking, there is likely corruption to at least one of these parts.


Chimney Crown / Chase Cover

A concrete chimney crown (for masonry chimneys) or a stainless steel chase cover (for prefab chimneys) covers the top of your chimney, and also plays a large role in preventing water intrusion into your home. Chimney crowns and chase covers should be built in a way that allows rain to flow without pooling on top of the chimney. They should also be built with an overhanging drip edge which keeps the rain from running down the length of the chimney, minimizing chances for the rain to penetrate the chimney’s exterior. An improperly installed crown, or one that has deteriorated or cracked can possibly be the cause of a leaking chimney. A rusty or otherwise deteriorated chase cover can also play a large part. Your crown or chase cover may be an issue if you notice moisture of efflorescence (a white powdery  looking substance) in your firebox.


Faulty flashing often is the cause of a leaking chimney, and therefore is one if the first places we will check for a leak. When installing flashing, the bottom layer should be worked into the shingles, and the top layer should be worked into the brickwork. Some companies will grind out a straight line through the brickwork to place the flashing which could cause a chimney leak. Also, flashing that has rusted or begun to pull away from the chimney could be creating a path for water to enter your home. If the flashing has been improperly installed and/or has otherwise deteriorated, removing the faulty flashing and properly installing new flashing may be the solution to your chimney leak. Flashing may be the culprit of your leak if you notice staining on the ceiling near your chimney.

Brick / Block and Mortar

Masonry chimneys are built out of brick (or block) and mortar, which are all very tough materials, though they are still penetrable. Especially if there are cracks or spalling bricks present.  Chimneys require regular maintenance, which involves spotting and repairing any of these issues. Preventative maintenance also includes applying a water repelling product to protect the brickwork.

Chimney Cap / Spark Arrestor

There are three major reasons that it is important to have a proper chimney cap installed: they prevent embers from exiting your chimney flue and catching fire to your roof, they prohibit animals from finding sanctuary inside of your chimney, and they keep rain from pouring directly down your chimney. If you have no chimney cap, or even an improper cap, this may be playing a role in your leaking chimney.


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Next Level Chimneys is a family-owned chimney business in the Seattle Area. We specialize in fireplace and chimney inspections, sweeping, and repairs. Trust us for your chimney repairs and you can expect professional, high-quality service. ​​We take pride in educating ourselves on the latest industry technology and best practices.

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